The White Horse Restaurant – a Small but Successful Family Business

To start a small restaurant business is a dream for many people who love food and cooking. Unfortunately, many of them don’t take a chance like that. People simply don’t understand what restaurant business means, where to start, how to make it successful, and what kind of food customers can be interested in. It is especially difficult if people want to start a business in a small town. They’re afraid of not being able to make a place profitable enough.

white horse restaurant

So, how to open a family restaurant to make it a business opportunity? Is it real for good restaurants to survive in small towns? To answer this question we’re going to present a story about one family restaurant in Salisbury, England.

Salisbury – a City of Opportunities

It is not strange if you have never heard about Salisbury. The name of the city is always behind the name of its prehistoric monument – Stonehenge. But Stonehenge is not the only thing which this region is famous for.

Salisbury is an example of a traditional English cuisine. Despite the fact that the population of the city is only above 40.000 people, it managed to become the city of restaurants, pubs, and cafes. The beauty of the region, wild fields, beautiful gardens and farms are the signature of Salisbury. Many entrepreneurs dream of getting a property in this area. Salisbury is a great place to make the first steps in your restaurant business. No matter where you live or work, you can always study the market of Salisbury property via a property website. There you will find a good variety of apartments for sale in barcelona.

And now, let’s talk about one successful example of a family business in Salisbury – The White Horse restaurant.

white horse restaurant

The White Horse Restaurant

As we have already mentioned, The White Horse restaurant is a striking example of a successful family restaurant business in Salisbury. So, is it represented with?

The White Horse is a traditional British cuisine. It is situated in the picturesque area providing visitors with both indoor and outdoor seatings, parking places, and Free WiFi zone. The location is chosen very smartly and conveniently. Not far from the restaurant there are National Trust – Pepperbox Hill, Breamore House, and Arniss Equestrian. So, after visiting those places, tourist can stop by The White Horse for lunch, dinner, or drinks. The restaurant offers a good variety of drinks (wine, gin, beer, etc.) and homemade food (ham, goat cheese salad, fish and chips, roasted pork on garlic mash, etc.).

The restaurant is also available for private dining and reservations. People come here to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings. Many people associate The White Horse with already forgotten old English style. This place gives the atmosphere of relaxation and enjoyment. From the outside, it looks like a typical small restaurant in a city, but from the inside, it is a huge place full of friendly atmosphere and qualitative service. And the views from the restaurant deserve special attention. The place is nice and clean with friendly staff and high level of service.

So, if you hesitate whether Salisbury deserves your attention or not, don’t doubt. It is an ideal place for a family restaurant, investing, and business opportunities. Salisbury has already proved that it can offer something more than Stonehenge and Cathedral only. And the magnificent landscapes of the region are almost too good to be true. Salisbury is a city of food, holiday markets, art festivals, and race meetings.