Events That Can Be Organized in White Horse Restaurant

Even with a great number of restaurants, cafes and pubs, it is difficult to find a good restaurant these days. In some restaurants you will be served bad food, other restaurants scare potential clients with prices. Friendly and assisting personnel also contribute to the overall image of any restaurant. If one happens to find a good place, he or she is really lucky.

restaurant events

We have been very fortunate to discover White Horse restaurant too as it is an amazing place that can suit for various events. The place is located in Salisbury and is immensely popular among local people. The restaurant has incredibly tasty food, friendly stuff and nice atmosphere. That is why it is a popular place not only for having dinner but also for celebration. Here are just some of the occasions that can be organized in White Horse.

  1. Wine tasting event. If you are the owner of the spirits shop and you want to promote your shop, there is a good idea – wine tasting event, and White Horse restaurant will gladly help you with that. Invite wine expert and offer guests an opportunity to taste different wines. You can give a short lesson on choosing good wine or serving it. The best day for hosting such event is, of course, Friday. And do not forget about attracting menu and cheese. What could be better on Friday night than cheese and wine?
  2. Live music night. Musical nights is one of the attracting and at the same time traditional ways to attract guests as people love live music. Plenty of brand-new bands, looking for popularity, offer their musical services to restaurants. White Horse is one of the restaurants that are always open for something new.
  3. Food tasting event. This event seems to be similar to wine tasting but the difference is that people get the opportunity to try the cuisine of other nationalities. Separate events can be dedicated to different cuisines – Italian, Georgian, French, Arabic, etc.
  4. Birthday party. White Horse restaurant is a nice place for having a birthday party. It has a good location and great food. It is possible to book the whole place for the event or arrange a couple of tables for a big company. The personnel loves when people come to celebrate something at their place, and always prepare surprises for the guests.  
  5. Wedding. If you are looking for a budget variant to have a wedding, you should consider White Horse restaurant. The restaurant has experience of holding small weddings. You do not even imagine how nice it can look when decorated with flowers.  
  6. Small corporate celebration. From time to time various companies book the place for small corporate events like New Year parties. White Horse has a spacious hall, which can be easily decorated to create New Year atmosphere.

This is just a small number of events that can be hosted in White Horse. The place is fully open for new ideas, events and formats.