Visit Salisbury – a City with a History

Where can you go in England except London, Liverpool, and Manchester? The answer is obvious – Salisbury.

Salisbury will become your new favorite place to spend the weekends. It is a magnificent city with a rich history line, captivating landmarks, and delicious food. You’ve probably already known about Salisbury, haven’t you? And what about Stonehenge? This world’s most recognizable stone circle is only 8 miles away from the city.

Salisbury - a City with a History

So, what can Salisbury offer you as a tourist except for the famous stones? Let’s get to know.

Things to Do and to See in Salisbury

Salisbury is a cozy, beautiful city with neat and charming little houses. At the first sight, it looks like a small town. But in reality, it has a lot of things to offer and show. Let’s start with places to stay.

  • Accommodation. In Salisbury you can stay whether in a hotel or in a rented cottage or apartment. Almost any of these offers has ideal conditions and beautiful views. The most popular choice among tourists is small townhouses or cottages with a private garden or farm territory.
  • Food and Drink. The number of pubs and restaurants here is almost uncountable. The interesting fact about Salisbury’s food places is that they compete with each other not only in food but also in the beautiful views. Country pubs with gardens are extremely popular here. And the restaurants offer different types of cuisine to the taste of everyone: Italian, Indian, Chinese, local British, etc. Among the top visited food places are The Greyhound Inn, Yew Tree Inn, the Chapter House, and Charter 1227. In Salisbury you can eat your fill on a budget.
  • Cultural places to visit. The most famous place in Salisbury is Salisbury Cathedral. It is definitely a must see spot. It is a 13th-century Gothic Cathedral, which combines magnificent architecture and indescribable atmosphere. The Cathedral is just at the heart of the city. We guarantee you, that Salisbury Cathedral is one of the most beautiful things you have ever seen. So, prepare to spend a lot of time there during your trip. Other interesting places to visit are Mompesson House, Wilton House, Boscombe Down Aviation Collection, and the Salisbury Museum.

Salisbury - a City with a History

  • Parks. You can’t leave Salisbury without visiting one of its parks. Nature in Salisbury region is exceptionally beautiful. It is enough to visit even one of the gardens to realize how beautiful this region of England is. For example, Figsbury Ring Park is famous for its wild atmosphere. It is called to be a secret paradise with breathtaking and romantic views. Heale Gardens is a lovely place with interesting and rare plants. The smell of flowers and cherry blossoms will blow you away.

Shopping. If you want to buy something to remind you of Salisbury, go shopping. Markets, department stores, shopping malls… Salisbury has something to offer even for the most demanding customers.